Welcome collectors to our Funko pop condition guide! This guide will help you better understand how we grade the condition of our Funko pops that are for sale here on our store. Whether the box is in near mint condition, dented, scratched, bent, broken, or simply missing a sticker we have done our best to provide you with the most accurate grades we possibly can for our pops so you know what you are receiving when you buy from us. Now before you ask, No we are not professional graders, however we do our best to grade accurately in a timely manner (mostly for our sake of sanity). 

***Not everyone will agree with our grades when it comes to grading the condition of Pops. The condition grade we give on any particular Pop is our opinion, no more and no less. Please understand that we do the best we can to be consistent when it comes to condition grades and if you are unhappy with your grade, please reach out to us and well do our best to make things right.***

A few key notes!

1. We will never grade a Pop as perfect as no one is perfect (not even pops)

2. Some pops may come with some paint flaws from the factory, we do not factor this into the grading.

3. All standard sized pops, no matter what condition will always receive a FREE .45mm soft protector so you know it comes protected as much as possible.

4. Anything that is Very Heavily damaged (unless it is a high dollar pop) will usually be thrown into our Cheap Bins at comic cons and will not be posted on the site.

5. All pops on our site are considered used.

So now that that is out of the way, onto the condition grades!

NP - Near Perfect - As stated above, no pop is completely perfect, but it can be very close! This grade is the highest grade in our system and means that almost no damage can be seen on the box as far as we can see.

MI - Minor - This grade means that the box will be very presentable and will show very little damage with only 1 to 3 minor flaws from small soft corner, light window scuffing, minor corner dings, small corner tear, or light crease.

MO - Moderate - This grade means that the box will still be presentable but will have more noticeable flaws. Moderate damaged pops will have 1 to 4 flaws from a creased corner, moderate tear, box-cutter scratch on top, bottom, or sides, moderate corner ding, sun fading, small (hard to get off) stickers only on bottom of pop, or loose area of window.

HV - Heavy - This grade is for the collectors not picky on their boxes and can still enjoy the pop itself. Heavy damaged pops typically have 3-4 moderate and/or 1-2 Heavy flaws such as, heavy tears (1"+), heavy box creasing on an edge (typically on back), crushed in bottom or top, sticker residue (however we always try to get it off the window it may not always come off the box itself), or a minor cracked window.

V - Very Heavy - This grade we usually don't add to the pops on our site unless the pop is rare or highly valued, otherwise it goes in our Cheap bins at comic cons. However in the rare occasion, the box will contain 4+ Heavy damage flaws and/or pop will be missing a body part such as arm or weapon.

(Missing Sticker) - This can be added onto any grade we give! This most likely means that the sticker that (supposedly) goes onto the window of the pop is missing or torn. Sometimes we get pops in that we would think has a sticker but they never came with them on.

Examples of Condition are shown below.

 NP - Near Perfect


NP - No seen corner or box damage that we were able to see. All stickers are there and no sun-damage,scratches, or dents are on box. Pop does not contain any missing body parts.


MI - Minor Damage

Minor Window Damage/Dent

Minor Box Crease

Minor Box/Window Scuffing


MO - Moderate Box Damage

Moderate Box Bend

Moderate Box Crease

Moderate Corner Ding

HV - Heavy Damage

Heavy Box Tear/Dent


Heavy Box Crush

Heavy Box Crease

Heavy Stickers (Can't be Removed)