All of our items sold are inspected before shipping out to you. This gives us and especially YOU peace of mind that you are receiving the correct item ordered in the condition stated. Please make sure to read all condition grades before purchasing an item. Not all of the items are in Mint condition and will be graded accordingly. If you receive your product and are not happy with it for any reason, you can send it back within 7 days for a refund of purchase price. In case of return please look to the contact us page and message us either here, on Facebook, Instagram, or email with your name, order #, and pictures of all sides of the pop along with picture of the shipping box un-opened and we'll get back with you within 24 hours if not sooner. We want to make sure our customers are happy with every order. 


Please do understand there might be a slight delay in shipping if we are away at a comic con for the weekend. We will typically post on our Instagram (at if we will be at a con that weekend.  If convention is posted please allow 2 business days after the convention weekend to see shipping info. Otherwise all shipping estimates are 1-3 days. All standard $99 or less pops will come shipped in a FREE .45mm soft protector as well as wrapped in nice bubble wrap for maximum protection, unless otherwise stated. All $100+ Items will be shipped in a FREE Hard stack, unless otherwise stated. (Discounts: If you buy a $100 pop and use a discount for 10% off the pop, the pop will still be shipped in a hard stack.) All items will be sent USPS/UPS/FEDEX shipping. Shipping is calculated at checkout by weight, dimension, and distance.